Success Stories

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I have been to many physical therapy offices. This one is the best. The staff is attentive and effective. I got better and left with the skills I need to continue gaining strength.
December 22, 2016

When I got tendinitis in my hips, my high school running career came to a standstill for an entire semester. But after a few weeks of physical therapy sessions at Trucare I was ready to get back in running shape. Had it not been for the encouragement and support of my therapist, Debbie, I might have given up running for good. I'm so glad I had the right support to get me through those weeks and the encouragement to continue with what has become a life-long passion.

– Laura, Ridgewood, NJ

When I first started physical therapy for my neck, I was in pain, very weak and could not lift any weight at all. Within a few weeks Debbie & Erin had me feeling confident, stronger, and I actually looked forward to all my physical therapy sessions! I always felt they truly cared about me. I'm going to miss them! Thank you for all you did for me!

– Hayley Cobb

I was in denial about my Achilles tendinitis and continued to run until the pain became too great. That's when TruCare came to the rescue!

You were so knowledgeable about my condition and exactly how to treat it. You also were exceptional at explaining the Achilles injury to me and tweaked the plan as we went along. I was back running the Upper Saddle River Biathlon in less than 3 months. And guess who was there to cheer me on?


TruCare helped me to understand how to prevent this from flaring up again with stretches/icing after exercise and a night splint. Now it's been six months. I am training for a half marathon and I feel great!

Debbie and her group cares about their patients. They are full of support and compassion. Although I was happy to get back to my running life, I missed seeing the TruCare team regularly! The office is a warm place with very caring people and expert care.

Thank you, TruCare!

– Elizabeth Mihatov

After extensive surgery on my right foot, I went to a local physical therapy facility. I attended for 2 months. After I finished at the facility, I religiously followed the exercise regime they gave me. Unfortunately, I plateaued in my recovery & after almost 1 year my gait was stiff & I walked with a limp which became more defined & noticable as they day wore on. A mutual fried suggested I go see Debbie. It was the turning point of my recovery. After 2 months with Debbie, I walk normally & do not limp. In fact, Debbie has encourged me to go back to playing tennis, something I haven't done in 3 years. My surgeon was so impressed with my progress that he called Debbie to tell her how please he was. Debbie not only treats you, she researches your problem. But most important she encourages you to achieve your goals.

– Frances Varoli

I was a feeble 96 pound weakling, walking on one leg, when I came to you for help. After only six weeks, you managed to get my right hip back to full strength, and I am now bowling, doing weekly Pilates, treadmill, walking, elliptical training, golfing, and weight lifting. After making pizza dough on my leg for six weeks, you have magically transformed me into a 250 pound man who can leg press 300 pounds – I know that you guys are talented, but that is truly a miracle of physical therapy!

I would be happy to recommend your physical therapy group to anyone I know who is also weak and feeble, and if enough Girl Scout cookies are offered, I would extend that recommendation to those who are healthy and just need to re-train their bodies. In closing, I'd like to quote from the famous physical therapist, Deb Dieter, who gave me this sage-like advice:

"You paid a lot of money for that new hip – now go and beat the crap out of it!"

Thanks Deb – consider the beating to have just begun.

– David A. Luke

As a result of injuries to both my shoulder and back and leg problems, I went to Trucare for physical therapy and rehab on two different occasions. This was certainly a fortunate choice for me. In all respects, Trucare is a top-notch facility; their staff is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, and experienced in hadling all problems. I had excellent result and would recommend Trucare for any type of physical therapy.

They did wonders!

– Norma Levy

Many thanks to Erin Blankenship and the staff at Tru Care Physical Therapy for providing my daughter with excellent care. Erin was extremely knowledgeable and thorough and greatly improved the strength in my daughter's wrist so that she can continue to play volleyball despite her tendonitis following a break several years back. Her concern was clearly evident throughout therapy, and her follow-through to ensure a pain-free future is very much appreciated.

– Debbie Bradley