Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy is an important part of recovery from any surgical procedure, injury or painful condition. We maintain a holistic approach to treatment. Every patient will receive some type of warm up, therapeutic exercises to restore motion and strength, any appropriate modalities as prescribed by your doctor followed by hands on treatment and assessment by the licensed therapist. Each session will also include education about your injury; how to avoid making it worse and what to do to make it better. Pain is not allowed! WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN 'no pain, no gain'. Therapy is supposed to be just that - therapeutic. Pain is not part of the equation to healing. In addition to outpatient orthopedic physical therapy, we also offer female pelvic floor therapy, medical massage, and post rehab personal training.

We also focus closely on progression and as the body changes making sure we advance the patient appropriately. Every 4 weeks we will provide your referring physician with a progress note and inform them of your status. We DO treat any and ALL types of injuries and conditions. We have also had good success where other physical therapy attempts have failed.