Welcome to TruCare Physical Therapy

In an area of much competition, TruCare physical therapy prides itself on results. We stand by our success rates and are recommended by both patients and physicians. We have become a chosen provider based on proven results.

What makes us successful is a true passion for our profession. Many clinics boast of professional athletes to mark their success. Every patient that walks in our door are our professional athletes. Their personal goal is our goal, and is as worthy as an athlete trying to return to competition. We have a team approach at Trucare PT. The entire staff is dedicated toward making the rehab experience a positive and successful one. We stand by our hands-on approach each and every visit and encourage patients to maintain therapist consistency to closely monitor and expedite their progress.

Our staff will explain and ensure all insurance coverage upon verification. We work with all insurance companies. We offer no-interest payment plans for high copays or no insurance coverage.

Our staff therapists are experienced and continue to take an active role in continuing education as well as mentoring and supervising new incoming staff. We take a holistic approach to our treatments and treat the person as well as the injured area. Being in pain is not a pleasant experience yet we try to make therapy a painless experience.